BOBBY FOXX I woke up in Love This Morning

Bobby Foxx
L.Russell Brown,Irwin Levine


I Woke up in Love This Morning Is a Classic Partridge Family Tune Written By

L.Russell Brown And Irwin Levine That Has Been Re- recorded By The Rebel BOBBY FOXX. This Song is truly a Master piece Originally Performed by The Partridge Family and Now Covered By Bobby Foxx in a whole new but respectful Tribute. I Hope you Enjoy This version of One of The Most iconic Songs that has ever been covered in such a Unique and yet traditional way.

This Song Was Written by L.Russell Brown and Irwin Levine

Originally Recorded and Performed by The Partridge Family.

Rerecorded in 2018 by Bobby Foxx

All Rights Reserved.

ROCK , POP, HipHop,Alternative,Metal

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