Bobby Foxx - Artist and Founder

Bobby Foxx was Born and Raised in Chicago,Illinois on the south and West side areas.

Bobby Started playing instruments in his preteen youth and began with the Guitar and moved into Bass Guitar and eventually realized he had a flare for Singing Rock. Bobby eventually developed his talent and would sing in front of large crowds on the streets of Chicago and soon strived to be a star. Bobby Foxx was influenced by Prince, Michael Jackson, Led Zeplan, Jimi Hendrix,Tina Turner,John Lennon,and Judas Priest. it was only a matter of time before Bobby Joined his first Band as a Lead Vocalist and soon after that Bobby Foxx needed More Freedom and Formed His own Band and TradeMark

Called 30TH Century Imperial Rebel Soul, Then Decided the name was to Long and Reformed the Band as Rebel Soul. Which Bobby Was The lead Vocalist, Bass Guitarist,

Song writer,Producer,Manager and Spokesman. Since then Bobby Foxx has Mastered all Instruments, and technology surrounding Instruments ,And Engineering. You WANT IT!!!!! YOU GOT IT!!! Bobby Foxx is un stopable and quite simply Brilliant in making wonderful,Memorable Music. 

ROCK , POP, HipHop,Alternative,Metal

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